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Which Fitbits are best for kids?

A Fitbit tracker can make fitness fun for your kids, but which one is the best fit for your child?

No matter your age, you should always try and remain fit. At least, that’s what my doctor says, but that’s easily said when you’re on the other side of those scary needles.

Truly, though, fitness is important at every stage of your life and over the last decade, the movement to get kids in shape has grown and become more prominent.

If your kids have caught the exercise bug, they’ve probably got Fitbit fever and they’re pulling at your arm to get them one. There’s a full line of Fitbit trackers that may be right for your little one or teen, so read on as we recommend the best Fitbit for your kid.

What’s a Fitbit and why does my kid need one?

Fitbits are wearable fitness monitors that, depending on the model, can track steps, sleep, and heart rate, and they’ll even give you little reminders to move when your activity level is too low.

All Fitbit devices sync up with the Fitbit app for iPhone or iPad, Android, and Windows 10 Mobile, which gives you a detailed look at your daily step goals, weight goals, calorie consumption, and a whole slew of other pertinent fitness information.

Keep in mind that under Fitbit’s Terms of Service, users under 13 years of age are not allowed to have personal Fitbit accounts, so if you do want to sync your kid’s tracker with the Fitbit app, you’ll want to create your own account and let him or her access it that way.

Getting your young ones a Fitbit is a great way to help them take control of their fitness goals and see progress in real time. Many people find that they always workout better when with a buddy and Fitbit can be that fun little buddy that cheers your youth on to his or her daily exercise goals.

There are three major criteria on which you should base your decision as to which Fitbit is right for your child. We’re going to look at the least expensive Fitbit, the most resilient Fitbit, and the coolest and flashiest tracker that Fitbit has to offer.


Let’s be honest, kids break stuff. Kids lose stuff. Kids break and then lose stuff; it’s just the way things go. So, when it comes to electronics, your biggest motivator might be price, and you wouldn’t be alone.

Giving your kid your Rolex to wear to work is like having a tea party with rhinos and your finest china. So, buying your kid the Fitbit Surge, which retails at $249.99, may not be the best decision.

Thus, the cheapest Fitbit is the Zip, for $59.95. The best part about the Zip is that your kid can see their progress in real time by tapping the screen without the need for a cell phone in order to view the app. The Zip comes in four different colors and takes a replaceable watch battery, but they do last up to six months without needing a change.

The Fitbit Zip clips easily onto your child’s clothing, which makes it incredibly easy to use, but could make for a soggy device if it gets left in pockets or on belt loops.

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Kids. No matter how many times you tell them “no,” they will always do the most physically dangerous stuff. They haven’t quite yet realized they are not immortal. Chances are, your little one is climbing a tree or trying to feed a squirrel right now. If your child is rambunctious, you’d be better off getting him or her the Flex 2.

It’s the first swimproof wearable from Fitbit, so you don’t even have to worry about your younglings diving into the deep end with it on (unless they haven’t learned to swim yet, but that’s another story). The Flex 2 comes with an elastomer band that stays put on the wrist. But, the tracker itself is removable, so you can put it into any compatible band. You can even tie it to a rope and wear it around your neck, if you have a solid compartment to keep it in.

The Flex 2 doesn’t have a display, but five LED lights instead, which are used as notifications for daily goals and move reminders. Because there is no screen, you can get about five days of always-on usage out of it.

And, the price is reasonable at about $100. It’s a little more expensive than the wallet-friendly Zip, but still not overpriced for a kid’s gadget.

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Cool Factor 10!

If money is no option and you just want your kid to have the coolest Fitbit on the block, then look no further than the Blaze. Your kid will be stylin’ up and down the school halls with the newest and hottest Fitbit on the market.

This fashion accessory/exercise tracker is more useful for your slightly-older tween or teen. He or she can customize the strap with various leather and metal options, and there is that sweet LCD display to control music on your smartphone, view workouts, receive text and call notifications, and more!

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The nitty gritty

At the end of the day, buying your kids a Fitbit is a great idea because it helps them take ownership of their exercise goals and overall fitness. Start ’em off young and let Fitbit help keep them on the right track well into adulthood.

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